The Personal Theme · Version 2.0

Simply.Me Picons

Simply.Me is comes pre-loaded with the wonderful FontAwesome and Picons. For FontAwesome's loads directly from BootstrapCDN with the code found below. To use picons, you will need to load the picons.css stylesheet. Below is a list of icons that are included in the download. Click on the icon to view the class associated with the particular icon.

<link href="//" rel="stylesheet">

About Simply.Me

Simply.Me is a single-page style personal template designed to provide the user with a simple, elegant and up-to modern standard personal website. Built on Twitter Bootstrap, Simply.Me is loaded with all the framework’s features customized for this specific template. Simply.Me Version 2.0 comes loaded with new features and versions. Two major pre-built features of this new version is the ability to have a static and a slider header with the ability to control the height. Choose the version that best suits your need.